Zander was born on November 14, 2017. His parents were Anastasia and Bear. He’s the perfect friend. We love him very much. Thank you!! – Ken

Dear Connie:

I enjoyed talking to you about the possibility of my niece and her husband getting a puppy from one of your upcoming litters.

I thought that Alex and Anna might like to see a picture of their beautiful baby on her second birthday.

We are nuts over this dog.  She is everything you could ask from a Golden Retriever.  We live on a dead end street on the top of Red Mountain and get lots of walkers from other neighborhoods.  I have people stop me in the grocery store and ask if I am the mother of that wonderful Sally.  She takes up her post at the end of the sidewalk at 5:30 every morning and greets everyone who passes by.

Not that I’m prejudiced, but I think she is the most gorgeous dog I’ve ever seen.  The cowlick is so cute! My husband calls her The Tank.  She’s short and very muscled, not an ounce of fat, but she has very stocky legs and moves with such purpose.  Sally always crosses the yard like she’s on a mission.

She adds so much to our lives.  She really did turn out to be an Easter angel.

All the best,

Cathy, Birmingham Alabama

Dear Connie:

Sally and Tallulah on their Summer vacation in Telluride, Colorado.  They LOVED the mountains!

This photo taken outside a bakery where they were begging for treats.

Hard to believe that they will be 8 and 7 in February.  Sally is loved by all who know her – you gave us a VERY special pup.

Merry Christmas,

Tom, Cathy, and “The Girls”, Birmingham Alabama

To the Millers:

Enclosed is a picture of my Golden Retriever.  My boyfriend bought him from you in January.  He was the last puppy from the litter born on November 24, 2000.  I believe you had considered keeping him.  We named him Jasper, after his birth place.  I just wanted to thank you.  He is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful personality.  He has brought so much joy into my life.  He is spoiled rotten.  He stays inside and has lots of toys.  He loves to go swimming in the bay and chase the cat around the house.  I thought you would enjoy the photograph.

Thanks again,

Kristin, Daphne, Alabama

Dear Connie, 12-5-1999

Jessie has settled in very nicely.  Mike loves her dearly.  She’s a very sweet puppy.  She hasn’t gotten into any trouble.  She is curious about the cockatiels and loves to chase the fish in the fish tank.  She LOVES my pond.  That was the first thing she saw in the yard.


Liz, Pensacola, Florida


I wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOO very much for putting up with all of TIm’s text and everything you did for us. Our new puppy Ripkin (named after Cal Ripkin from the Baltimore Orioles) is absolutely beautiful and so smart. He is just amazing. The kids are having a blast and he completes our home. All of the pictures and videos you sent were truly wonderful and very much appreciated. It just wasn’t the same after Heston and Alex both passed away and we are all just so happy to have Ripkin as part of our family. It is really weird that a lot of his characteristics resemble Heston. He was truly worth waiting for. A funny story to tell you. Do you remember asking Tim to try and narrow down which puppy we wanted because you had your first family coming to the farm last weekend to pick a male. Well crazy as it is they are friends of ours. So we are double thrilled to be able to watch one of Ripkins brothers grow up. I attached 2 pictures for you to see him with the kids. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Joanne Bailey

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