Our Goldens


september 2015 351





bear head view
Bear side view

Bear is a beautiful English Cream Golden he has a large blocky head and is very tall.  We purchased him for one of our grandsons in the fall of 2015.  He has a loving personality and loves to catch water out of the water pipe.  Very playful.



Zeus was purchased from a family out of Roanoke, Virginia the weekend before Christmas in 2013 as a Christmas present for my son, Austin.  Zeus is your typical goofy, fun loving golden retriever.  His personality is that of loving and gentle and willing to please.  Zeus is extremely smart and so gentle around children.



Ann is a wonderful mother to her pups.  She was purchased for me (Connie) when my mom was very sick to help comfort me through my illness.  She is very loving and eager to please.