Our Goldens


september 2015 351


With a heavy heart I need to inform everyone, we lost Amelia Monday night.  She went into labor had three beautiful puppies, 2 males and one female naturally.  But we noticed she was having difficulty.  After consulting with our vet we made the decision to have her undergo an emergency cesarean. Our vet was able to deliver the rest of her litter without losing a single puppy.  But the puppies were so large they had ripped her uterus open.  She was doing fine then without warning she stopped breathing.


We miss her very much.  She was only five years old and this was third litter.  We are not sure why this happened but with the Lords help we will do our best to raise her puppies, ALL eleven.  Total: 7 girls and 4 boys.  They are very strong and large puppies.

We have to feed them every two hours around the clock so please pray we do not lose strength and we can complete this task the Lord has set before us without losing a single one of Amelia’s precious babies.

Due to our grief and much time needed to preform our task to the best of our ability we will be taking our phone number off of our website and facebook page.  But you may contact us by email: millerco@wcslive.com.  I will respond to your email when I am able to find the time.

Please, please pray for us and Amelia’s puppies.




bear head view
Bear side view

Bear is a beautiful English Cream Golden he has a large blocky head and is very tall.  We purchased him for one of our grandsons in the fall of 2015.  He has a loving personality and loves to catch water out of the water pipe.  Very playful.



Zeus was purchased from a family out of Roanoke, Virginia the weekend before Christmas in 2013 as a Christmas present for my son, Austin.  Zeus is your typical goofy, fun loving golden retriever.  His personality is that of loving and gentle and willing to please.  Zeus is extremely smart and so gentle around children.



Ann is a wonderful mother to her pups.  She was purchased for me (Connie) when my mom was very sick to help comfort me through her illness.  She is very loving and eager to please. 


Jewels2                              Jewels1

Jewels was purchased on January 1st 2013 at 18 months old.  Jewels has such a sweet personality.  She is very willing to please and is super smart.  Jewels is your typical laying in your lap retriever. She loves to go for walks around our 40 acre property.  When it comes to her job a mother you couldn’t ask for a better more attentive mother than Jewels. She has passed this wonder trait on to her daughter Amelia.